Quality classes

Ruukki's quality classes have been created to facilitate the choice of the roof. They guarantee our products overall quality and durability. In our selection you will find a suitable solution for the roof and grade each building and operating needs. A unique quality class brands is a guarantee that the products are designed and manufactured to withstand decades of demanding conditions.

Ruukki roofs and their quality classes - a promise which our customers can rely on.

Ruukki 50 Plus

The highest durability and design on the market;extended 50 year Ruukkiwarranty. The best there is,and then some!
  • Technical warranty 50years
  • Aesthetical warranty 20years
  • Look: matt

Ruukki 40

Excellent product value, A smart choice that fits any need and location.
  • Technical warranty 40 years
  • Aesthetical warranty 15 years
  • Surface:matt

Ruukki 30

An affordable and reliable choice for everyday needs.
  • Technical warranty 30 years
  • Aesthetical warranty 10 years
  • Surface:glossy


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Roofing sheets

Ruukki steel roofs protect your home under all circumstances. They are also extremely durable and timelessly stylish.

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